Resirep on the cliff of La Roche Blanche


Resirep on the cliff of La Roche Blanche

Our Résirep teams support those of the BET Hydrogéothechnique in the work of securing the cliff of La Roche Blanche.

In order to successfully complete this work, the unstable masses representing more than 5,000 m³ were fitted with a continuous displacement measurement system in order to report all movements and to guarantee the safety of employees and residents. In February 2020, a first rock mass of 2,000 m³ collapsed, it was stopped by the nets put in place as a matter of urgency by our teams.

We have since re-intervened to protect the village from collapsing looming rock masses. In this context, our Résirep teams carried out the reinforcement of the cliff, the construction of tracks and platforms with special retaining structures and the installation of more than 320 ml of 5000 KJ block screens in height 7 and 8 m.

Photo Credit: Vuedici