Ævia's teams in action in the Pyrenees


Ævia's teams in action in the Pyrenees

In the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Société Hydroélectrique du Midi (SHEM) has entrusted Ævia with the replacement of the seven penstocks of the Eget hydroelectric plant. 

This project, which is 770 m long with a 450 m difference in level and a 70% slope, requires organization, logistics and means adapted to its exceptional context, which Ævia's teams and their local partners have mastered perfectly.

For several months now, more than twenty employees have been hard at work on the program:

  • the removal of the old pipes
  • the demolition of the existing anchor blocks and piers
  • laying a new 1,100 mm diameter pipe
  • reconstruction of the anchor blocks and piers

Ultimately, this work, which is part of a vast program to modernize SHEM's facilities, will allow the production of a renewable energy that has historically been attached to the local landscape to continue.
To contact our teams: www.eiffage-aevia.com 

Photos Credit: Picsprod Visuals