Demcy deconstructs an old Mas near Montpellier


Demcy deconstructs an old Mas near Montpellier

In Occitanie, on the outskirts of Montpellier, Demcy, a player in the reuse of materials, undertook the selective deconstruction of an old Mas, with SA3M as the contractor.

On this atypical construction site, the teams hosted the Ecological Transition School (ETRE), the Force association and MRBC, who disassembled, conditioned and prepared 2. 5 tons of materials for 2 days for the design of their future learning spaces in Macondo, 10 km from Montpellier.

This project in figures represents:

22 t reused material

11. 5 t of antique stones
4,8 t of beams
2. 5 t of windows and doors
2,3 t of luminaires
0,3 t spiral staircase
100% of reused and recycled materials either:

27% reused and reused within 200 km
73% recycled

Within the ETRE network, the association 3PA Macondo mobilizes young people who are unemployed, without a diploma or training and offers pre-qualifying training in the professions of ecological transition (wood, renewable energy, eco-construction, agroecology).

Macondo, is a third-place of experimentation located in the center of the ecopark of Mas Dieu in the municipality of Montarnaud, which innovates for ecology.

Congratulations to the teams involved in this project offering a second life to this former Mas!