The construction of the H2 vertical plant ends


The construction of the H2 vertical plant ends

At the Bournezeau site (85), the H2 vertical plant of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies completes its elevation to a final height of 70 metres. In total, our Eiffage Génie Civil teams poured 2,200 m3 of low-carbon concrete per day into an impressive 1. 80 m sliding formwork.

Last July, our teams laid 24 petals of 15 tons each, prefabricated on site with concrete from H-UKR 0% clinker cement, to form the inverted cone of the plant.

Made entirely of Hoffmann Green Technologies concrete, the new unit will be commissioned by the end of 2022, with a production capacity of 250,000 t of zero-carbon cement or clinker. Ultimately, it will enable the production of all current and future Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies technologies.

Congratulations to our 56 companions mobilized 7/7-24/24h on this exceptional construction site.

Credit: F. Henry Auteurs de vues