Within the framework of the "Cadran solaire" project in La Tronche (38), Demcy has experimented with several solutions for the reuse and recovery of materials

Direction La Tronche, in Isère - Within the framework of the reconversion project of the former regional health and security centre of the armies, renamed "Cadran solaire", Demcy has experimented with different solutions of reuse, selective deconstruction of the materials of the shell and the finishing work, for recovery on site or for other projects.

Within the framework of the

In figures, this project represents :

Landscaping of the future project
- 20,100 tiles (81 t)
- 223 wooden beams or 162 t

29,163 t of rubble from the deconstruction was crushed on the site, which allowed the creation of a new material, reused locally for projects in La Tronche, Saint-Martin-d'Hères, and Meylan.

Reuse in future construction on site
- 3,175 t of cut stone and natural stone

Sale in the ephemeral shop "Batitec" set up by our partner, the association ECO'MAT38, for four months:
- 363 units of joinery, i.e. 17 t
- 648 pieces of furniture, i.e. 22 t
- 898 light fittings, i.e. 4 tonnes
- 362 sanitary units, i.e. 3.5 t

By promoting short circuits in the Grenoble area, our project contributed to the creation of jobs through the experimentation of a recycling centre, the preamble of a future material library for the agglomeration.

Thanks to the EPFL du Dauphiné, the main sponsor of the reuse operation, as well as the University of Grenoble Alpes, the Crous Grenoble Alpes, the City of La Tronche and Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, for their trust and congratulations to the teams involved in this project!

Project manager: KERN INGENIERIE
Circular Economy Project Management: NA ARCHITECTURE
Partner: ECO'MAT38

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