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Fraud alert

The Eiffage Génie Civil brand may be subject to identity theft attempts. We recommend that you be extremely vigilant. If you have any doubts about a request made by e-mail or post, by telephone or direct canvassing, please inform us immediately via the contact form.

Excellence and innovation for tomorrow’s infrastructure

At Eiffage Génie Civil we deploy our expertise and know-how in designing and building a wide range of engineering structures in France and Europe, and on the international scene.

Our teams are active in the field, close to our customers and attentive to local specificities, building projects to sustainably shape and structure our regions. Their mastery of complex projects and constant concern for the environment, and the number of works in progress worldwide each year, make Eiffage Génie Civil a key player in the field of responsible construction.

With long experience and many prestigious contracts to our credit, Eiffage Génie Civil has everything it takes to position on major engineering structures and support our customers at all stages of a project, via our turnkey solutions.


Eiffage Génie Civil is working towards the recovery of demolition materials

Eiffage Génie Civil is amending its core processes in order to reduce its carbon impact. A Start.lab centred on demolition material recovery is experimenting with rapid demolished concrete recarbonation, from the LaVallée worksite in Châtenay-Malabry south of Paris. The experts involved are also looking to verify existing engineering structure capacity to capture CO2 naturally.