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Structural repairs :
Ævia’s specialists in the front line

We operate in all configurations

The management and sustainability of our structures offer major challenges for user safety and heritage durability. Eiffage Génie Civil carries out all the necessary structural equipment, maintenance, repair and reinforcement activities via our Ævia brand.

Ævia deploys a range of know-how and appropriate products for engineering and industrial structures and buildings for our public and private customers. Our teams are expert at working in complex or operational environments, like road and rail tracks with uninterrupted traffic flow, or occupied industrial sites.

Ævia, sustainably maintaining your assets

Ævia, sustainably maintaining your assets

Contact Ævia teams

Would you like to benefit from our expertise and demanding techniques on your sustainable heritage upkeep project? Contact us, giving details of your request.

Equipping, maintaining, repairing, and reinforcing : our multiple skills

Ævia’s teams use ground-breaking tools and favour environmentally-friendly practices, taking on all contexts in both emergency situations and to programme.