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Offshore works :
experienced professionals
all over the world

Very specific offshore and inland waterway works are a long tradition in the Eiffage Group. Our teams take part in projects requiring unparalleled skill and technicality – often across borders.

We deploy our specialists all over the world

The Group’s offshore and inland waterway works are undertaken by two complementary entities : ETMF and Eiffage Génie Civil Marine.

In France, our specialist ETMF teams are well-equipped for unique projects and have proven experience in the techniques required for maritime infrastructure, including dams, pile dolphins, finger-piers and locks. ETMF build new structures and repair existing ones, taking part in protection, development, maintenance, upgrading and extension projects to meet all needs.

Eiffage Génie Civil Marine specialize in large-scale port and maritime works in France and on the international scene. They operate for private and public clients on turnkey projects for container terminal operators and port authorities (containers, bulk, ro-ro and cruise lines), complex maritime infrastructure (oil, gas and mining companies) and urban and coastal development or coastline protection.

    • Dykes and embankment breakwaters
    • Dykes with blocks or reinforced concrete caissons
    • Piers, booms, mooring posts, jetties, pile dolphins for mooring and docking, ro-ro ramps.  
    • Concrete block wharves, decks on piles, sheet pile curtain structures.
    • Gravity based structures for LNG storage
    • Gravity foundations and floating structures for wind turbines
    • Pipelines, sea outfalls
    • Ocean intakes and outlets
    • Engineering structure foundations on maritime sites
    • Dams
    • Locks
    • Flood protection structures
    • Fishways
    • Boat lifts
    • Port terminals
    • Marinas
    • Slipways
    • Bulk goods conveyors
    • Quayside or container storage yard-mounted gantry cranes
    • Loading arm for bulk liquids 
    • Dredging and rock-breaking
    • Ditch, river and canal clearing
    • Cofferdam construction
    • Sheet pile driving
    • Bridge pier construction offshore and in rivers
    • Foundation underpinning
    • Underwater river crossings
    • Riprap and gabion laying
    • Repairs
    • Equipment for heavy package handling
    • Underwater works
    • Earthworks, soil treatments
    • Sanitation
    • Wet and dry networks
    • Road surface structuring
    • Outfall immersion

Flagship projects on all continents


Eiffage Génie Civil Marine : customized solutions worldwide

Eiffage Génie Civil Marine positions in France and abroad on major multidisciplinary seaport and maritime projects via design and build contracts. These allow economic variants to be optimized, with the aim of reducing our customers’ investment costs.

Our strengths :

  • Top-tier in-house engineering for structures, geotechnology and hydraulics combined with leading-edge expertise in anti-corrosion protection and maritime equipment. We have a research department in Vélizy-Villacoublay (France) and a design and engineering office in Lima (Peru).
  • A dedicated construction methods department capitalizing on experience gained on our worksites.
  • An experienced workforce for our own projects. (en propre)
  • Our own specific assets and materials, with a Materials division in Fos-sur-Mer (France).

ETMF : regional experts close to you

ETMF was created in 2006 and groups together 160 specialists of works in aquatic environments. With its three agencies in Le Havre, Lorient and La Vallette-du-Var, ETMF is positioned to operate throughout France. The company regularly uses its cutting-edge equipment in works for major seaports, waterway managers, local and regional authorities, the Government and private businesses.  

ETMF boasts a number of  landmark projects, including Kergroise trading port in Lorient, work on Cordemais thermal power plant, pontoon upgrading work in Saint-Malo marina, wharf reconstruction in Sables-d’Olonne, the Île aux Moines marina, and pipeline-laying in Berre lagoon (l’étang de Berre). 

Our specialists take part in all project configurations - both new works and upgrading - from the study phase to commissioning and operations.

Grand Tortue/Ahmeyim gas terminal : at the heart of a remarkable project

In February 2019, consortium leader Eiffage Génie Civil Marine signed an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation contract with BP for the Grand Tortue/Ahmeyim gas terminal’s marine infrastructure on the maritime borders of Mauritania and Senegal. This major project involves building offshore marine infrastructure protected by a breakwater dyke, to house a floating natural gas liquefaction plant and enable LNG tankers to berth. The 1.2 km-long breakwater dyke comprises 21 concrete caissons each weighing 16,500 tonnes and manufactured by Eiffage in Dakar (Senegal). It is currently under construction and will be installed at -33 m 10 km off the coast. At the same time, the 2.5 million tonnes of quarry materials required for the underwater dyke foundations supporting the concrete caissons are being produced by Eiffage in Mauritania in a quarry opened specifically for the project.

Discover in pictures the works carried out by Eiffage Génie Civil Marine in Monaco

The Eiffage team took charge of 18 caissons, each weighing 10,000 tons, in Marseilles, towed them to Monaco and placed them by ballasting on underwater foundations previously prepared by the company, all within a delicate environmental framework that preserves the Principality's marine biodiversity. Discover in pictures the works carried out by Eiffage Génie Civil Marine in Monaco

Any questions ?

Attentive, responsive and committed: our offshore and inland waterway experts will handle your questions. Send them the contact form, giving details of your request.