Training on a work-study contract at Eiffage
Why not you ?

Work-study contracts are an up-to-date and appropriate solution for training young people. Eiffage Génie Civil regularly recruits many young people on these contracts, from secondary school (CAP) to post-university level, in all the civil engineering professions. An effective way to gain experience in outperforming, demanding and caring teams.


Do you have a work-study project?

We strongly believe in the virtues of work-study programs, which enable our young recruits to immerse themselves in the corporate culture while continuing their studies. The majority of our work-study students are preparing for technical careers in public works. Many of them are offered a work contract on completion of their training.

If you're interested in working alongside Eiffage Génie Civil teams on a work-study program, you can consult our online job offers, or submit an unsolicited application on the Eiffage recruitment website.

All you need to know about work-study at Eiffage Génie Civil


We are eager to share our expertise and support our work-study students on the road to excellence.

The following schools are Eiffage Génie Civil’s major partners : ENSAM - Aix-en-Provence (13), CNAM - Amiens (80), CESFA BTP - Nanterre (92), ESITC - Caen (14), Polytech - Lille (59), ITC BTP - Montpellier (34), ITII - Nantes – École centrale Nantes (44), ITII - Reims – CNAM (51), ENISE - Saint-Étienne (42).

Happy Trainees 2023 - Eiffage Génie Civil

Happy Trainees 2022 - Eiffage Génie Civil

We are proud to announce that Eiffage Génie Civil is in the top 10 of the ChooseMyCompany ranking in the "200-499 interns and work-study students" category!

This 5th place is accompanied by Happy Trainees accreditation for this year 2023: a label that aims to evaluate the experience of interns and alternates within their host company.

Congratulations also to Eiffage Métal, Eiffage Route et Eiffage Rail for their accreditations, with a special mention for the road transport profession, which came 9th in the "200-499 trainees and alternates" category!

A big thank you to the trainees and alternates for their recognition and their involvement, as well as to their mentors who support them on a daily basis!