Training on a work-study contract at Eiffage
Why not you ?

Work-study contracts are an up-to-date and appropriate solution for training young people. Eiffage Génie Civil regularly recruits many young people on these contracts, from secondary school (CAP) to post-university level, in all the civil engineering professions. An effective way to gain experience in outperforming, demanding and caring teams.


Do you have a work-study project?

We strongly believe in the virtues of work-study programs, which enable our young recruits to immerse themselves in the corporate culture while continuing their studies. The majority of our work-study students are preparing for technical careers in public works. Many of them are offered a work contract on completion of their training.

If you're interested in working alongside Eiffage Génie Civil teams on a work-study program, you can consult our online job offers, or submit an unsolicited application on the Eiffage recruitment website.

All you need to know about work-study at Eiffage Génie Civil

  • Eiffage Génie Civil’s recruitment policy offers a range of opportunities for working and progressing within the company, fostering and shaping successful career path.

    We recruit hundreds of young people every year on work-study contracts. In most cases, these work-study contracts lead to a full-time permanent contract at the end of the training period.

  • We invest in work-study contracts as a recruitment strategy, allowing us to integrate new employees into the company while training them at the same time. We take on all profiles, regardless of qualifications.

  • Each work-study trainee is mentored by a tutor on a daily basis in the field and supervised by an employment coordinator.

    At Eiffage Infrastructures we have always believed in the benefits of mentoring and have over a thousand tutors among our staff, mainly in the project teams, in all categories from branch managers to master craftsmen, including site foremen and works supervisors.

    These trained and experienced tutors commit to mentoring on a voluntary basis, fostering skills and know-how transmission, and supervising the new recruits' social integration.

  • Work-study trainees will find opportunities on our European and overseas sites (Spain, Germany, Belgium, Senegal) and international projects.  In the long term, this experience will benefit the Group's development.


We are eager to share our expertise and support our work-study students on the road to excellence.

The following schools are Eiffage Génie Civil’s major partners : ENSAM - Aix-en-Provence (13), CNAM - Amiens (80), CESFA BTP - Nanterre (92), ESITC - Caen (14), Polytech - Lille (59), ITC BTP - Montpellier (34), ITII - Nantes – École centrale Nantes (44), ITII - Reims – CNAM (51), ENISE - Saint-Étienne (42).

Happy Trainees 2023 - Eiffage Génie Civil

Happy Trainees 2022 - Eiffage Génie Civil

We are proud to announce that Eiffage Génie Civil is in the top 10 of the ChooseMyCompany ranking in the "200-499 interns and work-study students" category!

This 5th place is accompanied by Happy Trainees accreditation for this year 2023: a label that aims to evaluate the experience of interns and alternates within their host company.

Congratulations also to Eiffage Métal, Eiffage Route et Eiffage Rail for their accreditations, with a special mention for the road transport profession, which came 9th in the "200-499 trainees and alternates" category!

A big thank you to the trainees and alternates for their recognition and their involvement, as well as to their mentors who support them on a daily basis!