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Demolition is central
to the challenges of urban
and industrial transformation

Demcy, deconstructing to enhance your assets

Created in 2021, Demcy now brings together Boutté, Chastagner and Perez & Morelli under a single brand, which have been legally grouped together since 2018 within the company Eiffage Démolition.

Experienced in a wide variety of complex and demanding operational situations, Eiffage Génie Civil, through its Demcy brand, adapts to all types of worksites.

Our teams operate in urban areas and employment catchment areas, in the context of total or partial redevelopment, including when it is necessary to preserve adjoining buildings and roads, but also on industrial sites, in strict compliance with health regulations. For our clients as well as for local authorities, we are committed every day to reducing the impact of our work sites.

The demolition of a structure is a particularly meticulous operation. It requires the right diagnosis to be made prior to the worksite, in order to choose solutions that are totally in line with the project's challenges. This is an imperative that Demcy's teams know how to manage through perfectly mastered methodologies and processes. 

Demcy innovates by involving employees as closely as possible to the operations. Experience in the field allows us to test and adapt exoskeletons and mechanised machines (Brokk type) to our demolition activities. This mechanisation implemented by employees who have appropriated these new techniques is an asset in terms of safety and broadens the range of solutions offered to our clients.

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Demcy, deconstrate to enhance your heritage

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Demcy intervenes everywhere in France for your sites.

Various services are offered: selective dismantling, industrial dismantling, decontamination, felling, recycling & recovery of materials.

Demcy, a brand of Eiffage Génie Civil for your deconstruction work

We carry out total or partial demolition/asbestos removal work on urban, industrial, hospital, tertiary and residential buildings and infrastructures.