Demolition is central
to the challenges of urban
and industrial transformation

Highly efficient methodology for perfect performance

Eiffage Génie Civil’s demolition teams are experienced in a wide variety of complex and demanding operational situations. They can adjust to all kinds of worksites, supported by regional demolition experts in close contact with customer needs: Perez & Morelli in the Paris region, Boutté in the west and Chastagner in the southern half of France.

Our teams operate in urban environments and employment areas, for total or partial demolition, including the conservation of party walls and roadways, or on industrial sites with strict sanitary rules.We are committed on a daily basis to limiting the impact of our worksites on our customers and the local authorities.

Demolishing an engineering structure is a highly technical and meticulous operation. It requires the right diagnosis beforehand, in order to choose solutions in full adequacy with project challenges. Our teams manage this imperative with perfectly controlled methodologies and processes.

Eiffage Génie Civil breaks new ground with leading-edge operations in which our employees are totally involved. Field experience allows exoskeletons and Brokk-type mechanized machines to be tested and adapted to our demolition activities. This mechanization put into action by staff who have adopted the new techniques is a real asset in terms of safety and extends the range of solutions on offer to our customers.


Designing the most appropriate ground-breaking solutions

Design and engineering plays a key role at every stage of a project. Building Information Modelling is used to design phasing, model a 3D scenario or operate in a sensitive environment, close to networks or housing.

It is a fundamental contribution for our teams, who are supported by our integrated design and engineering departments’ high level of technical expertise.

They are also qualified to handle all kinds of project, from building and infrastructure demolition to major industrial site conversion.

Modelling secures and optimizes operations. It is also a tool for dialogue between the design and engineering department, production teams and the customer. 

Focus on

Recarbonating demolition concrete

Concrete from our demolition sites can be crushed by our teams and recycled, after recarbonation. Sand and aggregates are recycled according to grading into building concrete, or in the case of sands, used for road and network maintenance.  This ground-breaking process will soon be tested on-site, before being more widely deployed.

Certifications guaranteeing excellence and compliance with environmental standards

Eiffage Génie Civil holds the profession’s highest qualification, Qualibat 11-13 Démolition Technicité supérieure. The company also holds the MASE certificate for all its activities, attesting to our commitment to safety, health and the environment. The Demolition entities are certified ISO 9001 and 14001, via Eiffage Génie Civil.

Eiffage Génie Civil responds to the new thermal regulations deal : New thermal regulation RT2012 is the biggest change in the construction field in recent years.  A quarter of French housing now no longer complies with current standards and must be demolished. Eiffage Génie Civil is already responding to this major challenge. We often work on recent buildings that are only 10 or 20 years old but no longer compliant (such as care homes for dependent elderly people). Faced with complex projects involving major technical constraints, our specialist teams demonstrate their expertise on a daily basis, with optimal concern for safety and the environment.

Blasting demolition of the Pentagone Plaza Tower in the heart of the future Grand Canal - Plaine Sud district : discover some impressive pictures.

A highlight for Eiffage Demolition’s teams, who had spent 9 months on preparatory work for this 15-storey tower.

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