Decontamination :
optimum site, soil and
polluted water treatment

Proven processes for the success of your projects

Our teams design and apply their treatment processes with enthusiasm, meeting the needs of a variety of situations : sites, soils, contaminated sludges and ground and surface water. For every need, however complex, Eiffage Génie Civil provides our customers with a turnkey solution, including consultancy, diagnosis, draft-design and project studies, and soil, water and air treatment unit design.  We offer 360° support and assistance.


Eradicating pollutants

Plaster, gypsum, asbestos, arsenic, hydrocarbons, lead, acid tanks…our experts know how to deploy the appropriate techniques and processes, whatever the materials encountered. They secure sites, sort and remove waste, and handle on-site treatment and/or off-site evacuation and asbestos removal.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001-certified. We also hold the MASE – Safety, and LNE - NF X 31-620 – Decontamination works in the field of polluted sites and soils - AFNOR - NF X 46 010 - Asbestos management and treatment. Gauthey at Eiffage Génie Civil is certified LNE B and C for design & engineering and decontamination works (ingénierie et exécution de travaux de dépollution).

For our customers, these certifications guarantee the quality and efficiency of our expertise.

Eiffage is a partner of Sogelink, who developed Amiante 360, the solution for tracking operators which centralizes historical data and allows the editing and distribution of regulatory reports to clients.


Committed and passionate specialists

Our teams of specialized engineers and technicians include hydro-geologists, biologists, geotechnical and process engineers and civil engineering experts. They guarantee the optimization of each project and are fully committed to innovation, designing treatment processes to suit the different pollutants, soils and environments.

They focus on developing the best cutting-edge techniques available, encouraging recovery and recycling. Our target is to limit the quantities of waste generated.

Any questions ?

Are you interested in our depollution work? Contact our teams, giving details of your request.