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Nuclear and industrial engineering :
proven know-how and
international ambitions

The unique experience of a hundred-year-old brand

Designing and building high-rise structures such as chimneys, silos and water towers is in our DNA. Eiffage Génie Civil originated in the 1920s with French specialist EGI (Entreprise Générale Industrielle) whose expertise continues to this day.

Eiffage Génie Civil has gained solid expertise in French thermal and nuclear power stations and also in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. As a nuclear environment specialist, we have been involved in building a large number of air coolers in nuclear power stations.

At the same time, Eiffage Génie Civil numbers many successful projects in the field of water and waste treatment.

  • Our project teams carry out new building work and maintenance on silos, chimneys and air coolers on a daily basis, in electrical power plants and industrial environments.  Our in-house experts have developed access and lifting solutions such as aerial platforms, manlifts, winches and elevators for very tall buildings and engineering structures.

    The company has its own resources and qualified staff for the diagnosis and assessment of existing structures, recommendations and studies for repairs solutions, in the event of special problems (corrosion, cracks, carbonation, etc.) or reinforcement (carbon, our ultra-high performance fibred concrete BSI®, additional prestressed concrete, etc).  

    We are also able to supervise work in remote areas with our personnel trained in rope access.

  • Eiffage Génie Civil is a recognized expert in radioactive environments. Our permanent team in operation at Cattenom nuclear power station has extensive experience in specialist works including opening hoppers, coring, sampling and sawing, and operations in an ionizing environment.

    Our teams are involved in ongoing projects in north-east France and in all our nuclear power stations as part of specific multi-site operations. Our technical recommendations confirm that we have integrated the ALARA concept.

Major successes in France and worldwide

Answers to the challenges of the sector

Eiffage Génie Civil offers its expertise to major industrial and energy projects. It is there to help, whether for in situ inspections - destructive or not - repairs or seismic reinforcement of structures, environmental inspections, etc. The company is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and knows how to adapt its methods to obtain the best diagnosis.

We put our know-how as a builder at the service of clients wishing to deconstruct their installations in full compliance with environmental standards, and for this purpose we have the technical skills and perfect knowledge of the structures, which enable us to offer a safe, rapid operating method adapted to each project. All this while drastically limiting the environmental impact of its interventions.

Backed by an integrated design office equipped with powerful calculation resources and cutting-edge design tools, Eiffage Génie Civil is a leader in this market.


State-of-the-art protective devices

Health and safety are core concerns at Eiffage Génie Civil. We drive a proactive risk-specific  training and awareness-raising policy for our workforce in this demanding sector. We regularly deploy ground-breaking safety solutions including fall prevention mats, anti-vibration industrial robots, a magnetic cutting and coring tool with low noise and vibration emissions and an ultralight modular formwork system.


QHSE and nuclear qualifications

Eiffage Génie Civil upholds the highest QHSE standards in order to protect our workforce and the environment, and ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Our skills in these fields are certified by the following standards : OHSAS 18001,  prevention of exposure to ionizing radiation (CEFRI), ISO 9001, ISO 14001. We also hold the EDF UTO (Operational Technical Unit) standard, certifying our ability to comply with the requirements of a nuclear environment.

A comprehensive range of industrial and nuclear solutions

Eiffage Génie Civil, is a trusted partner who works closely with customers on their tall structure new build, maintenance and decommissioning projects. Do you have a project? Contact our teams giving details  of your request,