Sustainability :
an increasingly responsible
and efficient company

Concrete and responsible practices from a low-carbon player

At Eiffage Génie Civil we are a recognized player in the field of sustainability for our social, societal and environmental action. The company and its employees – all low-carbon players – strive to limit the impact of our operations, in order to protect the environment and its ecosystems.

Eiffage Génie Civil’s expertise and involvement at all managerial levels have enabled us to make major progress in safety, training, employment and professional insertion. Sustainable development has long been one of the Group’s major preoccupations: recycling, non-renewable raw materials conservation and the protection of flora and fauna have become technical and commercial differentiation assets.

Having gained a reputation for the quality of our environmental organization, we continue to fix ourselves ambitious targets for improvement. In environmental terms, this means:

  • Reducing our fossil energy consumption
  • Limiting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Aiming for environmental excellence
  • Implementing and anticipating framework regulation in the sector
  • Contributing to the Group’s sustainable and responsible growth.

Eiffage is committed to the future

Our commitment involves the deployment of strategic axes and new opportunities, such as experimenting with massive concrete recycling and alleviating pressure on mineral resources and storing carbon.

Gravel, sand and water are overexploited natural resources. Based on the circular economy, demolished concrete recarbonation allows the pressure to be alleviated on mineral resources, massive recycling and carbon storage.

Our Forézienne agency in Lempdes (63) is Kalisterre certified

Kalisterre, a qualification organization for ecological engineering, from UPGÉ, has just qualified the Forézienne agency in Lempdes (63). This qualification recognizes the quality of Forézienne's work, its professionalism and know-how in ecological engineering, and its commitment to activities with high added value for the preservation of the environment. This distinction supports the Group's biodiversity policy.

On the road to ecological civil engineering

At Eiffage Génie Civil, we commit to eco-design solutions on our worksites, such as recycling materials or adapting engineering structures to the environment. We apply the best practices of the circular economy on our projects, taking care to preserve both resources and the natural environment. Eiffage Génie Civil also favours low-carbon transport modes, especially for excavation removal operations.


All the information on Eiffage Group’s website

Eiffage presents our sustainability policies and actions on our website. You’ll find the most recent information about our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work and our skills and know-how in sustainable urban infrastructure.

Eiffage’s ten-year commitment to the climate

For over ten years, in our position as integrator for cities and sustainable infrastructure, we have been aware of the challenges involved in achieving sustainable growth. Together with our customers, suppliers and partners, we are mobilizing all our skills to contribute to the ecological transition. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and conserving the living environment.