Pipelines :
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Pipeline transport

At Eiffage Génie Civil we have proven expertise in constructing and laying high-pressure pipelines for gas and hydrocarbon transport. Whether the work involved is a new project or maintenance on structures in operation, our customers can count on a high standard of achievement from Eiffage Génie Civil’s French and international teams.

Environmentally responsible practices and materials

Sustainable development and the environment are at the heart of the company's choices and actions.
In order to limit the impact of its operations on the environment, Eiffage Génie Civil favours techniques for recycling materials in situ, treating waste and restoring sites.
We are experts in the design and execution of hydraulic testing and regulatory control operations prior to the commissioning of the structure. Our teams have recent, specific equipment that complies with the latest safety and environmental standards.

The Pipelines teams in the Jura

Eiffage Génie Civil was chosen by French Jura pipelines company SFPLJ (Société Française de Pipeline du Jura) to replace 11.4 km of pipelines – 4 stretches of DN400 pipeline – in Valdahon (25) in the direction of Switzerland.


Risk management at all stages of the works

Compliance with safety requirements is central to our DNA, driving our teams at all times. In both the study and works phases, they integrate into the works management all the factors guaranteeing safety for project stakeholders, and the integrity of existing facilities. By acting upstream of the project and on early warning signals, our staff work to eliminate risks beyond mere compliance with the standards in force.

Any questions ?

Are you interested in our works involving the construction and laying of high-pressure pipelines for gas and hydrocarbon transport ? Contact our teams, giving details of your request.