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Looking for a job?

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, qualified or self-taught, every year Eiffage Génie Civil recruits people for all its activities, in France and on international assignments.

The company is constantly on the lookout for new talent in the following fields: works, technical studies, price studies, methods, quality, safety, environment, equipment... as well as human resources, legal affairs, accounting, treasury, etc.

Why join Eiffage Génie Civil?

Joining Eiffage Génie Civil means contributing to : 

  • Bringing citizens closer together thanks to modern infrastructures adapted to the uses of our time and the expectations of users. 
  • Developing territories, thanks to sustainable facilities designed to improve the quality of life of local residents.
  • Caring for our environment, through rigorous resource management and total respect for the spaces in which we operate.
  • To be part of a company with an impressive list of references, including the Channel Tunnel, the Millau Viaduct, high-speed rail lines, mass transit systems (subways, tramways, etc.), freeways, sports facilities, transport installations and water and waste management systems.

Building tomorrow’s world together

Eiffage Group has a workforce of 72,500 and achieves over 18 billion euros of revenue. However, we have never lost our agile operating mode and our close proximity to employees and customers. In a word, we are still a company on a human scale.

Our employee share ownership scheme is the largest in Europe for a group of our size. Our employees' equity stake plays a part in guaranteeing our independence and cohesion and ensures continuity and development.

When you join Eiffage Génie Civil you take part in : 

  • Bringing people together with modern infrastructure which meets user needs and is suited to the uses of our day.
  • Developing our regions with sustainable equipment designed to improve the living environment for local residents.
  • Caring for our environment with strict resource management and total respect for the areas in which we operate.
  • At Eiffage Génie Civil we have set up an interview process to encourage discussion between employees and their managers during regular review sessions. Questions about professional and geographical mobility, career development (skills review) and past and future training can be raised on these occasions.

    Comprehensive assessment of these reviews takes place during annual meetings held with managers, resulting in collective and individual action plans and the development of training programmes.

    Eiffage has also developed efficient training tools to meet the company's specific technical and professional needs : Université Eiffage – Institut and the Eiffage Infrastructure training centres.

  • We have always driven proactive recruitment policies enabling a majority of candidates to join our teams and in particular, people with few prospects of finding a job.

    Eiffage's ongoing insertion policy provides opportunities for all.

    It is reflected in the values of responsibility, trust, transparency, leadership by example, pragmatism, courage and tenacity which unite our people. These founding principles concern all the Group's employees.

  • Eiffage has also developed efficient training tools to meet the company's specific professional and cross-functional needs: Institut, Université and the Eiffage Training Centres.

    Eiffage Université is an important training player. The catalogue offers training programmes in the fields of safety, professional techniques, sales, HR and sustainability. These courses are mainly led (or co-led) by Eiffage employees.

    The Université also develops e-learning courses, particularly through technical training modules. An integration programme for new arrivals is also on offer.

  • Internal mobility is encouraged, in order to facilitate the transfer of skills between subsidiaries. All staff are concerned, whatever their job, professional level and location.

  • You will find all the job vacancies on our dedicated recruitment site. You can apply online and narrow your search by using the keywords (location, job field, etc.) You will be asked to sign up with an ID and password, to save and manage your application.

    You can also contact us on LinkedIn or Jobteaser

  • On the recruitment website, upload your unsolicited application into the section entitled "Take part in our CV Library" ("Faites partie de notre Cvthèque") > "Upload your unsolicited application" ("Déposez votre candidature spontanée"). This is your chance to tell us about yourself and your career interests, and to be contacted if we have a job opportunity matching your profile.

Robin, site supervisor

The site foreman is responsible for the operational coordination of one or more worksites.

Mickaël Sainte-Thérèse, machine operator

Mickaël Sainte-Thérèse doesn't see his handicap as a hindrance. With the help of an ergonomist, his driving position has been adapted to his needs, with the addition of a steering wheel ball. Today, he trains new Eiffage employees in his job as a machine operator. On the job since 2010, Mickaël considers his job a passion, and was one of the first in France to have the pleasure of driving an A60 articulated dumper.

Meet Amélia, methods engineer

"I plan construction methods which will be implemented by the Works Supervisors and their teams on future projects. I work upstream of the project.”