Eiffage Génie Civil builds projects
to sustainably structure our regions,
based on in-depth understanding of local specificities.


Sustainable support from our specialists at the heart of major projects.

Our teams are involved from the design phase to construction, and also in upkeep and maintenance on a number of structures. We bring together leading edge specialities in the fields of industrial engineering, transport infrastructure, water and waste treatment plants, production facilities, power transmission and hydraulic structures.

With many prestigious contracts to our credit, we are resolutely forward-looking and have everything it takes to position on the most significant international projects.

Eiffage Génie Civil fosters invention to drive progress in all its business sectors, via the attractiveness of its trades and the development of human capital and innovation.

It is our job to build a human-scale future together, day by day. The business is there and some fine projects await us. They will give life to new communication channels and safer, cleaner, more efficient and more attractive infrastructure. This is what gives meaning to our daily lives. This is what will help us win on all fronts, when combined with our actions for safety, our collective mindset, and kindness and understanding towards one another.

Guillaume Sauvé CEO,
Eiffage Génie Civil
Eiffage Génie Civil : key figures

In a constantly changing world, faced with new sustainability challenges, Eiffage positions as an ecologically and socially responsible player.

Via the Eiffage Foundation, the Group is committed to making a contribution to non-profit organisations in connection with insertion in all its forms. Eiffage ensures the preservation of those values central to our DNA, and first and foremost, our employee share ownership scheme: the largest in Europe for a group of our size. Our employees' equity stake plays a part in guaranteeing our independence and cohesion and ensures continuity and development.

Designing, building, developing, breaking new ground…surprising!

Customer issues and challenges are central to Eiffage Génie Civil on each of our worksites in France and abroad.


Eiffage, an attractive and inspirational group

Eiffage is characterized by the outstanding diversity of its skills and technical knowledge. We are systems integrators and experts, and have often paved the way, meeting the challenges of our time. 
Eiffage is also a forerunner: our employees' equity stake plays a part in guaranteeing our independence and cohesion and ensures continuity and development. With a workforce of 78,200, the Groupe achieves over 21,8 billion euros of annual revenue through its 9 business lines : ConstructionReal estateUrban developmentEnergy SystemsConcessionsRoadMetal, Civil Engineering and Rail

2022 universal registration document

We are engaged in a real race to innovate and transform our processes. Our ambition is clear: to remain the reference player in low-carbon construction in Europe.