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Making all the difference
with our actions


A unique company
with common values

Making all the difference” is more than just a slogan: it is our signature. It is embodied in our decisions and achievements on a daily basis and expressed over time in our unique employee share ownership model and those values which have formed the base of our identity since the creation of our Group.

Eiffage is a committed group. It is imperative for us to develop in a reasoned manner, preserving those things that are most important to us and make us unique : our commitment to societal and environmental responsibility, our compact organization, our capacity to work and meet challenges together, and the team spirit, humanity and solidarity of our loyal and invested workforce, driven by entrepreneurial boldness and the will to break new ground. We need to ensure the preservation of one of our key strengths: the sharing of common values.

Working for Eiffage means living out our values and bringing them to life. The 6 core values are inseparable. They form a coherent whole, and each one becomes fully relevant by interacting with the others. They make us what we want to be: a bold and ambitious group driven by its values and by a single vision of excellence and humanism.

Our business sectors are characterized by their high technicality, but above all by the women and men working daily to carry through our projects. They are made of passion, commitment, rigour, independence, team spirit, respect and solidarity. Eiffage Génie Civil’s major strength is the sharing of common core values, combined with a unique employee share ownership scheme.

Benoît de Ruffray CEO Eiffage

Leadership by example

At Eiffage, leadership by example is the basis of respect for others. Through it, the group’s core values are made concrete. We don’t ask others to do what we wouldn’t do ourselves. Whatever the circumstances, we act ethically, conscientiously and in strict compliance with the rules.


At Eiffage everyone represents and engages the group at his or her level. Each member of the workforce guarantees the human and material resources entrusted to them. Employee empowerment safeguards independence and fosters grass-roots decision-making and initiative.


At Eiffage, All members of staff are trusted by their management, and supported by them if difficulties arise. All action is a joint effort and cannot be constructed at others’ expense. Trust is a sign of recognition, it cements cohesion and contributes to the blossoming of each employee. Trust also governs Eiffage Génie Civil’s relationship with our stakeholders and encourages long-term partnerships.


Challenges are shared at Eiffage. Everyone knows what is expected of them and what they can expect of others. There is no trust without transparency. The information given must be reliable and exhaustive, and forwarded promptly. Concealment and falsification are not accepted. Everyone must take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Everyone can make a mistake, but if it happens again, it becomes a fault.


Working for Eiffage is about seeing and expressing things with clarity and precision, being conscious of your capacities and your limits. This enables accurate risk assessment and mobilization of the resources needed. Being realistic will guarantee you achievable targets and fulfilled commitments.

Courage and tegnacity

Working for Eiffage means committing to projects with enthusiasm, persistence and tenacity, but without stubbornness. It means being strong enough to face and overcome difficulties. It also means being able to show managerial courage towards your staff.