Our strong commitment
to safety

All our employees are trained for 100% safety

Maintaining physical and moral integrity, protecting the health of staff and third parties and guaranteeing their safety are core obligations for the Group, as an ethical requirement but also to ensure performance.

Because these notions have been in Eiffage’s DNA for a long time, all our staff receive safety training, notably via the SMS (Safety Knowledge Control) programme set up by the company. Our certifying training courses deliver a non-transferrable passport on completion, specifying the employee's safety clearance level. These prior training courses have been extended on each site.

  • Company reliability can be measured by the capacity to improve work processes. It is important to detect and act on weak signals before the first signs of failure.

    The safety management system has been developed in Eiffage Génie Civil's Safety Guide (Guide Prévention Sécurité) to meet International Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001 requirements.

    Safety initiatives, and the responsibilities which come with them, are clearly defined at each management level.  Our safety discipline process is applied on the basis of the rules of procedure and our 20 fundamental safety requirements.

  • Project-specific risk analysis begins at the RFT stage. With the support of our design and engineering departments and technical divisions, it enables us to offer our clients the highest possible safety levels in all our production and works processes . Our safety programmes determine the safest possible worksite methods and conditions while preserving the comfort and best interests of public area users.

    In line with our concern for environmental and ecosystem conservation, Eiffage Génie Civil has developed its ACCES protocol for prior assessment of chemical agents, with the aim of confirming the development and use of low-impact products.

  • To capitalize on the efficiency of our safety procedures, we have set up our knowledge-sharing platform  "StandART Safety : safety according to the rules". The platform is continually enriched with feedback from our various experiences in the field.

    All our employees are expected to contribute their expertise to the risk control process. Our many programmes, regional safety committees and company agreements signed with unions and other social partners (to minimize harsh or difficult working conditions, psychological risk and occupational hazards) underline the importance of social dialogue in our health and safety campaigns.

    Our relationships with subcontractors (outsourcing, suppliers and service providers) include monitored and tested safety requirements. We have signed up to a number of safety procedures specific to our contracting authorities, such as the MASE certification, via partnership charters or by taking part in the definition of safety specifications between professional organizations and institutional partners.

    Eiffage Génie Civil is committed to preventing  risks and promoting health and safety in our civil society as a whole, in the combat against HIV AIDS in Senegal  for instance, or the provision of safety equipment for worksite integration projects in France.

Safety Force©: a collaborative application

Safety Force© is an application for smartphones that allows the level of safety performance to be measured in real time at all the company's sites throughout the world, by assessing the mastery of the 20 fundamental safety requirements. Eiffage's partners can participate in the assessments and request their results.


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Our 100 % Safety target

Our employees are committed to ensuring maximum safety performance levels from the design stage to project delivery on a daily basis and for all involved : our workforce, partners, local residents and users of our engineering structures.

Eiffage's Help-E collaborative robot, developed in partnership with start-up Borobo

This e-collaborative robot assists operators by moving loads of up to 70 kg, thus relieving them of physical constraints. It provides greater comfort and quality of life at work for employees, by alleviating the constraints resulting from moving and carrying usual loads, wherever the workplace. It helps prevent the onset of musculoskeletal disorders and lumbar pathologies. It received two awards for its innovations in 2022: the Trophées de l'Excellence special prize from the Excellence SMA corporate foundation at Batimat, and the Trophée Or in the "Quality of life and well-being" audiovisual category at the FimbACTE festival for its positive impact on the living environment.

Ironhand®: Eiffage innovation benefits an entire sector

Two years of studies and full-scale tests have enabled us to achieve, in record time, a technical feat in the field of occupational health and safety. The Ironhand® bionic glove, developed by Eiffage and the Swedish company Bioservo Technologies, is now available from Loxam for the entire profession. Thanks to the synthetic tendons it contains, this glove amplifies the hand's natural strength and drastically reduces the efforts made by operators on worksites. An excellent way to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. With Ironhand® , we work safer and more efficiently!