Foundations: a successful operation on the CGD Express


Foundations: a successful operation on the CGD Express

On August 4, Eiffage Fondations' teams completed 86 panels of cast walls on the CDG Express F hopper site in Seine-et-Marne after 22 days of non-stop work.

This work, carried out in the SNCF track right-of-way and under temporary interruption of traffic, was the subject of more than a year of meticulous preparation. They mobilized 80 people, taking turns day and night, Saturdays and Sundays included, from July 12 to August 4, in two molded wall workshops, one of which was of reduced gauge. 

Despite a difficult start due to bad weather on July 12, 13 and 14, the very strong involvement of the teams enabled the operation to be completed on schedule. 

This was an opportunity for Eiffage Fondations to demonstrate its relevance to rail safety issues by testing a crane geolocation system in real conditions. 

Photo credit: Eiffage Génie Civil