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Eiffage awarded an additional section of the E18 motorway in Norway

Eiffage, through its subsidiary Eiffage Génie Civil, has just been awarded by Nye Veier3, a company owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, the contract for the construction of the central section (Parcel 2 between Lanner and Kjørholt) on a stretch of the E18 motorway that will connect the towns of Langangen and Rugtvedt. The amount of the contract is over 3,700 million NOK(€370 million1).

Eiffage awarded an additional section of the E18 motorway in Norway

Eiffage had previously won in December 2020, the contract for Parcel 1 (Langangen / Lanner) and Parcel 3 (Kjørholt / Rugtvedt) of this section of the E18 motorway. The Group’s total order intake for this project is therefore now worth over 5,800 million NOK (€580 million1).

This additional design and build phase includes the construction of 10 kilometres of 2x2 lane motorway, largely underground with the excavation of two twin-tube tunnels spanning a total of 7.6 kilometres: the Bjønnås tunnel (2.5 kilometres) and the Grenland tunnel (5.1 kilometres).

The contract follows an 18-month phase of engineering studies carried out exclusively with Nye Veier3 to propose an optimised project both from an environmental point of view in order to limit its carbon footprint, and in terms of construction so as to reduce as much as possible the inconvenience caused to the local residents in this heavily residential area.

As in the previous phase, Eiffage harnessed the expertise and innovative solutions of several of its entities. Eiffage Route's very high-performance GB5® asphalt will be used in particular for the pavement.

Subject to the "Excellent" level of the CEEQUAL system for rating and rewarding the environmental quality of civil engineering projects, the operation will benefit from the progress already achieved on the section currently under construction.

Works on Parcels 1 and 3 are underway with delivery expected in mid-2025. Works on Parcel 2 have just started and are scheduled for completion by early 2026.

1 Exchange rate as of 15 September 2022 of 10 NOK per EUR. 
2Contract value signed in Q3 2020.
Created in 2016, Nye Veier ("New Roads" in Norwegian) is responsible for developing 530 km of roads by 2029 for a total investment budget of nearly 50 billion euros. Norway's National Transport Plan 2018-2029, which represents a budget of €97 billion, covers all transport infrastructure. It sets out ambitious targets for the maintenance and improvement of existing roads and the creation of new sections to reduce nuisances and shorten travel times.


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