Eiffage groups all its deconstruction activities under the Demcy brand


Eiffage groups all its deconstruction activities under the Demcy brand

Through its subsidiary Eiffage Génie Civil, Eiffage is launching the Demcy brand, which now encompasses all of the Group's deconstruction and materials recovery activities, including cleaning, asbestos removal and lead removal, dismantling, demolition and recycling.

This new brand brings together the expertise of three historic brands acquired by Eiffage Génie Civil over the years: Perez & Morelli, Boutté and Chastagner.

The 270 employees working under this single brand, under the direction of Bruno Cahen, are able to work anywhere in France from one of the seven branches spread throughout the country. Their expertise is applied to all types of structures, from studies and digital modeling to the execution of works on open or occupied sites.

In 2020, the teams worked on nearly 150 deconstruction sites. The selective removal and sorting at source practiced on these sites have enabled the recovery, recycling or reuse of 500,000 tons of materials and equipment. Demcy is part of the Eiffage Group's approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the redevelopment of urban and regional spaces, by offering solutions for reusing materials and equipment that save resources. Demcy contributes to the development of the circular economy, to the reduction of the carbon footprint of its clients' projects and to zero "net artificialisation". Demcy is currently involved in the deconstruction of the Ford factory in Blanquefort (33), the former "Française de Mécanique" workshops in Douvrin (62), the Mounier high school in Grenoble (38), the Allée des Dômes building in Clermont-Ferrand (63) and very soon the Baumettes prison in Marseille (13).

More information on the dedicated website: www.eiffage-demcy.com