Togo: recycling at the port


Togo: recycling at the port

On the external roadways site of the autonomous port of Lomé, we are using materials treated with hydraulic binder (MTLH) produced from recycled crushed concrete. 

This is a first in Togo, under the watchful and demanding eye of the project management. Our teams are organizing the recycling of 12,000 tons of concrete from demolition work carried out on the site. The aim is to reduce the pressure on resources by setting up a partnership with CMTP (Carrière Mine Travaux Publics) for crushing. 

In line with the United Nations' SDG12, which aims to establish sustainable consumption and production patterns, our teams, after exploring the benefits of recycling, are now proposing the full crushing of concrete to provide aggregates for the development of new products. The materials from concrete crushing are screened to obtain different cuts: crushed sands, 5/15 aggregates, 15/315 aggregates and waste rock. They are then reused in the production of the cement gravel used for the compaction of the A3 road. The operation saved more than 30,000 l of diesel, 2,800 kg of explosives and 8,150 t of aggregates.

It was carried out in cooperation with the engineering firm InrosLackner, which validated the results obtained.

Photo Credit: Eiffage Génie Civil